Reducing poverty and hardship to live a fullfiled life, skill acuracy and less dependence, Literacy campaign, Rehabilitate women in conflict and hardship, Women Empowerment, Enlightenment on danger and risk facing, hawking prositution and begging (social problems).

To empower women and the needy in Kano and northern region, To render assistance to individual based on their need, To train women on mind set in facing and accepting challenges of life as trail which they can overcome by self determination, To educate women to prepare their young ones to educate themselves througout their lives specially girls child, In connection withself-help and relevant reason.

Exemplifying our Islamic values, we will mobilize resources, build partnerships and develop local capacity as we work to:

Enable communities to mitigate the effect of disasters, prepare for their occurrence and respond by providing relief, protection and recovery.

Promote integrated development and environmental custodianship with a focus on sustainable livelihoods.

Support the marginalized and vulnerable to voice their needs and address root causes of poverty.

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