Bairuha Female Relief Foundation

Motto: from AID to ENTERPRISE


ADDRESS: No. 22 Tudun Maliki Quarters, Torrey Home Line, opp Zoological Garden (exit gate), Zoo Road, Kan state, Nigeria.


E-MAIL: bairuhafemalerelief@gmail.com


FACEBOOK PAGE: Bairuha Female Relief Foundation


TWITTER: @bairuhafrf


INSTAGRAM: bairuhafrf


WHATSAPP: 0802 244 6446


TELEGRAM: bairuhafrf (07026 111 777)


CALL: 090 500 900 75


The Foundation named “bairuhafrf” is endosed in all publicity materials and its correspondence.


The logo and the motto serve as true identity of the organisation in all endeavors.


Initially the address of this Foundation is at No. 22 Tudun Maliki Quarters, Torrey Home Line, opp Zoological Garden (exit gate), Zoo Road, Kano.



🌹Reducing poverty and hardship to live a fullfiled life, skill acuracy and less dependence.


🌱Literacy compaign.


🥀Rehabilitate women in conflict and hardship.


💐Women Empowerment.


🌺Enlightment on danger and risk facing, hawking prositution and begging (social problems).


Other Objectives Are;

  1. To empower women and the needy in Kano and northern region.


  1. To render assistance to individual based on their needs.


  1. To train women on mind set in facing and accepting challenges of life as trail which they can overcome by self determination.


  1. To educate women to prepare their young ones to educate themselves througout their lives specially girls child.


  1. In connection withself-help and relevant reason.




  1. The PRESIDENT is to chair all meeting and endose the attainment of the organization program.
  2. The VICE PRESIDENT is to act in the absence of the President and chair all sub-committee.
  3. SECRETARY is to set all programs and endose all minute of the meeting and also schedule all program to organization within and out of the Foundation.
  4. TREASURER: is to schedule fund made and maintain it obligation for the benefit of the Foundation.
  5. AUDITOR: of this Foundation is to check and report issues of appropriating especially the fund under the account of Foundation.
  6. LEGAL ADVISER: Set all forms of legal affairs of the Foundation.
  7. P.R.O: Publicity secretary is to publicize the affairs of the Foundation and any necessary amendment by the Foundation.
  8. PATRON: The primary work is to help the members of Foundation with good consultation services and guide to move forwards the Foundation.



This Foundation have control to make self funding by its members and also set to organize memo on funding to general public and authority.



  1. This Foundation has the fundamental human right.
  2. It has all right to sworn or be sworn in all legal measure to authority.



1 Hadiza Balanti PRESIDENT 0807 232 0505
2 Hajara Abdullahi Isma’il VICE PRESIDENT 0813 325 5660
3 Fatima Muhammad B. SECRETARY 07026 111 777
4 Khalid MB Abu Khadijah TREASURER 090 500 900 7
5 Asma’u Hussein Ahmad AUDITOR 0803 888 9681
6 Sa’id Hanif HA P.R.O. 0809 914 5025
7 Barr Salim Abdurrahman LEGAL ADVISER
8 Hajia Azumi Suleman PATRON 1
9 Hajia Binta Muhd Yunus PATRON 2
10 Hajia Maijidda Muhammad PATRON 3





Hadiza Balanti And Excos

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